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Construction Journal enjoys a strong reputation for honesty and integrity within our industry and the communities in which we operate. Each of us – employees, reporters and executive officers alike commit to our ethical business conduct and core value system.

Our values represent practical ways in which we operate and deliver results for our customers each and every day. In a competitive marketplace we often encounter situations that will test our judgment and integrity. When those tests arise, we always defer to our core value system before we act.

Our core values establish standards of behavior for every employee at every level of our organization as our customers depend on us every day. We urge you to read more on what our customers say about us.

Rich Goldman
Rich Goldman
President & CEO
Construction Journal's Core Values System

Integrity – First, Last and Always
Integrity means doing what’s right. It’s about compliance with the law, fairness and respect in our dealings with content sources, customers and each other and meeting our commitments to our customers each and every day. We do what we say and we will do.

Trust – Strive for the Best
We must continually strive to exceed customer expectations. We must anticipate customer needs, provide innovative products and services, and offer superior value.

Commitment – Accuracy and Timeliness
Our research and reporting staff prides itself on well-forged relationships with content sources across our coverage areas. We are committed to providing accurate and up-to-the-day active project leads for our customers as we know it's critically tied to their success. We are always available to help our customers with specific project inquires, updates, current bid lists, bid results, plans, specifications and any other pertinent information associated with a project. If the information is out there, our team will act quickly to find it and will always follow up in a timely manner.

Continuous Improvement – Superior Usability
We are committed to excellence in everything we do. Making our service easy-to-use and intuitive is paramount to delivering our customers with an exceptional user experience that helps them quickly find what they are looking for and achieving results. We seek new methods and out-of-the-ordinary solutions. We use our creativity to find unexpected and practical ways to solve problems. Our experience, technology and perseverance enables us to consistently deliver top value for our customers.

Partnering – Our Customers are More Than Just Customers
We have an unwavering commitment to being good partners focused on building collaborative, productive and beneficial relationships with our customers, contacts, media, sources and each other.

Construction Journal People – Our Most Valuable Resource
The quality of our people is essential to our success. In the course of our daily work, we use our steadfast experience, creativity, technology and perseverance to find innovative and practical solutions to all challenges. Our core values would be meaningless if Construction Journal did not have the highest quality workforce possible and continuously work to grow and improve our employees. We respect diversity in our workforce and treat others as we would want to be treated. We expect our employees to accept responsibility and be a role model for others.

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